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St Cyprian's Church - Highlands

St Cyprian's Anglican church, Highlands, Grahamstown

The Anglican church on the Highlands Road between Grahamstown and Alicedale is St Cyprian's Church, a lovely old church with an interesting history. The worshippers at this church are mainly from the surrounding farming community. See more at their blog

Service Times

Holy Eucharist (with hymns) is celebrated on the second Sunday of each month at 10.00, An Anglican Prayer Book 1989 is used.

Contact details

The priest-in-charge is the Reverend Isaias Chachine, telephone 0710 050 185.
The churchwarden is Mr Rob Wilmot, telephone 0466 228 841 or 0825 796 886, email

The church is on the Highlands road between Grahamstown and Alicedale. The church is 21.5 km along the Highlands road, commencing measurement at the turn-off from the N2 near Grahamstown.

Location: S33°20'07", E26°18'42"
The orientation of nave aisle is 97° South of East

History of the church

The church was originally the house and site office of the railway engineer who was responsible for constructing the railway line between Alicedale and Grahamstown. It is believed that this railway engineer was one Guybon Atherstone. After the railway line was completed the building was donated to the Diocese of Grahamstown and the building was converted into a church. The church was dedicated on 29 November 1893